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Talk: Building an Electronic Raffle for Campus Events

Tennessee Higher Ed IT Symposium – April 4, 2016
Fall Creek Falls

Raffles are held occasionally at events around campus. A coworker and I worked together to build an ID badge driven online raffle for campus events to replace the antiquated ticket drawing and number calling method used previously. Instead of getting a ticket at the door, attendees would scan their ID badges at the door and would automatically be entered in to the raffle; when it was time to choose a winner, a button would be pressed and a short roulette animation accompanied by a drumroll and a fanfare would reveal the winner by name. It gave our web services and application development groups an opportunity to work together on a fun project and to connect with the campus.

My portion of the talk covered the web technologies used to choose a winner and display a visual roulette style raffle on the screen. My coworker discussed the use of Banner workflows that drove the card reader functionality. We discussed the value of these sorts of projects both in terms of the experience and IT’s relationship with the campus.