Talk: Intro to WP-CLI

These notes are for a talk at the WordPress Memphis User Group on October 6, 2016. WP-CLI is a command line utility for WordPress that I regularly use to manage WordPress sites. WP-CLI works great for small sites and huge multisite installations and without it, some of the work I do – even as simple as […]

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Talk: Accessibility 101 – The Technical Stuff

Here are the slides for a talk on A11Y at Memphis Tech Talks hosted by FIT & MTF on June 16, 2016. I’ve gotten to focus on A11Y a good bit as part of a redesign and, though I’m no expert, I thought I’d have some valuable info to share.

Code Talks

Talk: Frontend asset management in Laravel

Memphis PHP – Wednesday May 17, 2016Vaco Midsouth Summary:Laravel ships with elixir, a gulp plugin with a clean syntax for building out your frontend assets. While elixir is great in a lot of cases, it comes with some limitations on projects with more complex frontend build requirements. I’ll talk about why elixir is great, why […]

Design Talks Web Development

Talk: Building a [Not So] Simple Navigation System

Memphis Web Workers User Group – May, 10 2016University of Memphis FedEx Institute of Technology As part of a complete redesign, we developed our navigation menus from scratch and ran in to quite a few challenges along the way. I’ve been working on a major redesign at work and even with the help of Foundation […]

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Use SASS Mixins to Generate Class Names

If you need to generate a bunch of rules for n number of numbered classes, you can do it dynamically by using mixin arguments to generate class names Here’s a neat little trick I used recently. I was working with a simple single page form and each page of the form was hidden; I wanted […]

Talks Technology Web Development

Talk: Building an Electronic Raffle for Campus Events

Tennessee Higher Ed IT Symposium – April 4, 2016Fall Creek Falls Raffles are held occasionally at events around campus. A coworker and I worked together to build an ID badge driven online raffle for campus events to replace the antiquated ticket drawing and number calling method used previously. Instead of getting a ticket at the door, attendees would […]

Talks Wordpress

Talk: Demystifying WordPress Plugins

This post was written to accompany a talk about WordPress plugins at the WordPress Memphis User Group, which meets on the first Thursday of every month. What are plugins Chances are, if you’ve been using WordPress, you’re aready familiar with plugins but, if you aren’t entirely sure what they are, how they work, or even […]

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GiveCamp Memphis Demonstrates How Vibrant Memphis’ Tech Community Is

This weekend, GiveCamp Memphis—a weekend-long event where local developers and designers get together to build software for non-profit organizations—was held at CoWork Memphis in Cooper Young. This marks the event’s sixth year and the second year I’ve had the honor of participating as a volunteer. Seven non-profit’s, including Volunteer Odyssey, The Overton Park Conservancy, and […]


Create a Multisite Network Using Sub-domains Under an Existing Domain

Here’s the dilemma You want to set up a Multisite network with subdomains but the domain you want to use for your urls is not a WordPress site and will not be part of the network. This doesn’t seem like an unusual case; imagine you already have our non-WordPress primary website at and you want your […]


Plotting Data with R and rCharts

This semester, I’m taking a course that encourages using R for statistical analysis. I decided to see what I could do with it. To get started, I installed R using homebrew started looking in to what sort of packages I could find and stumbled across rCharts. rCharts “is an R package to create, customize and […]