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HackMemphis 2017

This past weekend, the memphis tech community got together at the Fedex Institute of technology on the University of Memphis campus for the fifth annual HackMemphis event. HackMemphis, organized by the Memphis Technology Foundation, is a different kind of hackathon where there’s no pressure and teams are free to work on whatever they want. Some […]

Community Software Technology

Memphis NodeBots Day 2017

Today marked the first annual Memphis NodeBots event. “NodeBots Day is world wide event where people learn how to control the physical world with JavaScript.” – Sponsored by HackMemphis, Memphis NodeBots day was a sold out event where attendees built a robot from scratch and programmed it with javascript. This event has been several […]

Community Technology Web Development

Want to be a Programmer? Find Mentorship Through Tech Communities.

Finding my local tech community and participating in various open source communities has been my single most valuable privilege in the context of my career  and fueling my passion for web development. If I had to choose between a master’s degree or all of the wisdom I’ve found and friends I’ve made from talking to […]

Talks Web Development Wordpress

Talk: Beyond Custom Post Types – Building an Organizational News Site with WordPress

Slides and speaker notes prepared for a talk at WordCamp Raleigh 2017. Old News – Before WordPress Campus NewsIn 2013, UTHSC’s online news was limited to a Press Releases page on the Marketing and Communications department’s site. There was lots of boilerplate press release stuff that was the same on all of the news but […]

Talks Web Development

Talk: Managing State in Frontend Webapps with React and Redux

This brain dump was written with love for a presentation at the Tennessee Higher Ed Tech Symposium 2017 and an internally talk for the fine folks I work with. Technology is constantly evolving and changing so it’s easy to dismiss hype as “new hotness.” I must hear “There’ll be a new thing in 6 months” on […]

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GiveCamp 2017

GiveCamp Memphis is a weekend-long event where local developers and designers get together to build software for non-profit organizations. Give Camp 2017 was held on February 17th, 18th, and 19th at The Fedex Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis. This was a new location for the event, now on its seventh year , thanks to […]

Code Community Technology

Py Tennessee 2017

This past weekend, I rode to Nashville with some friends from the Memphis user group community to attend Py Tennessee 2017. This was my first year attending the conference and I’d hardly call myself a Python developer but I had a great time, learned a lot from the talks, and met some really cool people […]

Linux Web Development

Adventures in Laravel Deployment – Digital Ocean vs Heroku

I spent more than a few hours this weekend investigating laravel deployment options. I have an existing personal app I’ve been working on but, until now, I’ve been developing it in Homestead and haven’t really put much thought in to where I would deploy it. The two options I was most interested in were Digital […]

Talks Web Development

Talk: Beyond SEO – What your web developer wants you to know about the web

Here are the slides for the talk I gave at Techcamp Memphis on November 5, 2016 Abstract: I build websites for a diverse set of clients and the greatest challenge I consistently face is not code related; it’s educating clients about web content. Many people want to build a website for themselves or their business but are unaware […]

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Quick HTML Terminology Reference

It always helps to know what to call things. Someone asked a question about html terminology recently and I thought this might be useful to keep around… consider the following markup: <div class=”my-class” id=”my-id”></div>div is an element with two attributes (class and id) which you can use as selectors, in addition to the element tag (div), to target the element. Targeting elements […]