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Memphis NodeBots Day 2017

Today marked the first annual Memphis NodeBots event.

“NodeBots Day is world wide event where people learn how to control the physical world with JavaScript.” –

Sponsored by HackMemphis, Memphis NodeBots day was a sold out event where attendees built a robot from scratch and programmed it with javascript. This event has been several years in the making and couldn’t have gone better. Everyone’s robot worked and there were no wifi issues which can make or break an event like this.

Once everyone’s robots were assembled and working, a soccer tournament was held and my cousin dominated with seven goals!

NodeBots day was held in the Fedex Institute of Technology on the same day as a codecrew hackathon so some of Memphis’s best and brightest kids got to come by and cheer on during the soccer match. It was really exciting to see such a diverse group of tech enthusiasts and innovators in one place.