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Dealing with the Dreaded ‘wpautop’

What is “wpautop”?

Well, to put it simply, wpautop is short for ‘WordPress Auto P’- with p being in reference to an html p tag. wpautop is a wordpress function that “Changes double line-breaks in the text into HTML paragraphs (<p>…</p>).” You can read more about it in the WordPress codex.

Most of the content on WordPress sites is added and updated through the backend interface with TinyMCE, a robust wysywig text editor. Because WordPress is designed to be used by anyone, and not just web developers, Tinymce handles the automatic insertion HTML markup to ensure that the content displays properly on the site.

TinyMCE includes two tabs at the top of the editor that allow users to switch between ‘visual’ and ‘text’ editing. Most people opt to use the visual editor because it allows users to see what their posts will look like from the interface; it’s almost like editing a document in MS Office. The text editor only shows plain text and allows users to enter html and have a little bit more control over their markup.

If you type some text and add a picture to a post using the visual editor, you will notice, once the post is published, that WordPress has added some html markup to the page source that was invisible in the editor. If you return to the’Edit Post’ screen and switch to the ‘text’ editor; you will see that some of that markup has been added behind the scenes. You might also notice that there are some extra p tags that appear in the page source that don’t show up in the text editor; that’s wpautop doing its job.

So why does anyone have a problem with it?

The problem with wpautop is that it adds html markup even when you don’t want it to. HTML savvy WordPress users who try to include their own markup in a WordPress page or post might be surprised to find that once their post has been saved, the frontend result is full of a bunch of seemingly random p tags all over the place that they didn’t put there, which can totally ruin their intended outcome. I actually prefer to edit my

The best solution: toggle autop