Create a Multisite Network Using Sub-domains Under an Existing Domain

Here’s the dilemma

You want to set up a Multisite network with subdomains but the domain you want to use for your urls is not a WordPress site and will not be part of the network.

This doesn’t seem like an unusual case; imagine you already have our non-WordPress primary website at and you want your multisite blogs to live at and etc…

Typically Multisite expects there to be a blog at the domain – in this case – and will base new site subdomains on and the Network admin links, like, on that url. If you create a set up your network using, then any new site you add will be based on that domain, so if you create site called site1 it will be given the subdomain, which is not what you want.

If you try to change the current site to in wp-config, all of your network admin links will 404 because they will point to which doesn’t exist, so you wont be able to create a new site at all.

The solution

The solution to this problem is actually really simple: You can change the domains of your sites after they have been set up. (d’oh! It took me a long time to realize this)

So, go ahead and set your network up using (this should be the current site defined in your network settings in wp-config.php). When you add a new site, it will be given a url like; that’s fine. Once the site has been created, go to the Sites page in Network admin, where you can see the a list of all of the sites on the network; at this point you should see and Click on ‘edit’ below and you will see a field where you can change the url. Change the domain to and save.

That’s it. Now, assuming your dns is configured properly, if you go to,  you will see your new WordPress site; If you go to, you’ll still see your primary non-WordPress site; and if you go to Network admin, you’ll see that it uses the url of the current site set in your wp-config file.

Side note: we won’t be using a wild-card for subdomains, which is probably going to be the case often in this scenario, so we’ll need to add a dns entry for each new site. In this example,,, and any additional sites we add will need a dns entry to point to the IP where the network is running. If you are using a wildcard, then this doesn’t apply and all you need to do is create a new site from Network admin.