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Talk: Command Line Crash Course

These are the slides and notes from my Command Line Crash Course talk presented at DevMemphis on March 3, 2020 This was the first DevMemphis meetup that was streamed live and recorded but, unfortunately, because of some issues with the recording, the audio was unusable. Outline This month we’ll be talking about leveling up your […]

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Talk: NPM, Yarn, Babel, Webpack – Why You Should Care

This content was written for the Memphis Web Workers User Group on April 10, 2018 The purpose of this talk is to convey how essential NPM, Yarn, Babel, and Webpack are to the JavaScript ecosystem; how lucky we are to have them given the scope of the problems they solve; and why JavaScript developers should […]

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Better JavaScript with ESlint, Airbnb, & Prettier

Add ESlint, Airbnb’s Style Guides, & Prettier to Create-React-App without Ejecting. Integrate ESlint with your editor.

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Talk: Beyond Custom Post Types – Building an Organizational News Site with WordPress

Slides and speaker notes prepared for a talk at WordCamp Raleigh 2017. Old News – Before WordPress Campus NewsIn 2013, UTHSC’s online news was limited to a Press Releases page on the Marketing and Communications department’s site. There was lots of boilerplate press release stuff that was the same on all of the news but […]

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Talk: Managing State in Frontend Webapps with React and Redux

This brain dump was written with love for a presentation at the Tennessee Higher Ed Tech Symposium 2017 and an internally talk for the fine folks I work with. Technology is constantly evolving and changing so it’s easy to dismiss hype as “new hotness.” I must hear “There’ll be a new thing in 6 months” on […]

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Talk: Beyond SEO – What your web developer wants you to know about the web

Here are the slides for the talk I gave at Techcamp Memphis on November 5, 2016 Abstract: I build websites for a diverse set of clients and the greatest challenge I consistently face is not code related; it’s educating clients about web content. Many people want to build a website for themselves or their business but are unaware […]

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Talk: Accessibility 101 – The Technical Stuff

Here are the slides for a talk on A11Y at Memphis Tech Talks hosted by FIT & MTF on June 16, 2016. I’ve gotten to focus on A11Y a good bit as part of a redesign and, though I’m no expert, I thought I’d have some valuable info to share.

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Talk: Frontend asset management in Laravel

Memphis PHP – Wednesday May 17, 2016Vaco Midsouth Summary:Laravel ships with elixir, a gulp plugin with a clean syntax for building out your frontend assets. While elixir is great in a lot of cases, it comes with some limitations on projects with more complex frontend build requirements. I’ll talk about why elixir is great, why […]

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Talk: Building a [Not So] Simple Navigation System

Memphis Web Workers User Group – May, 10 2016University of Memphis FedEx Institute of Technology As part of a complete redesign, we developed our navigation menus from scratch and ran in to quite a few challenges along the way. I’ve been working on a major redesign at work and even with the help of Foundation […]

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Talk: Building an Electronic Raffle for Campus Events

Tennessee Higher Ed IT Symposium – April 4, 2016Fall Creek Falls Raffles are held occasionally at events around campus. A coworker and I worked together to build an ID badge driven online raffle for campus events to replace the antiquated ticket drawing and number calling method used previously. Instead of getting a ticket at the door, attendees would […]