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Talk: Frontend asset management in Laravel

Memphis PHP – Wednesday May 17, 2016Vaco Midsouth Summary:Laravel ships with elixir, a gulp plugin with a clean syntax for building out your frontend assets. While elixir is great in a lot of cases, it comes with some limitations on projects with more complex frontend build requirements. I’ll talk about why elixir is great, why […]

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Use SASS Mixins to Generate Class Names

If you need to generate a bunch of rules for n number of numbered classes, you can do it dynamically by using mixin arguments to generate class names Here’s a neat little trick I used recently. I was working with a simple single page form and each page of the form was hidden; I wanted […]

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GiveCamp Memphis Demonstrates How Vibrant Memphis’ Tech Community Is

This weekend, GiveCamp Memphis—a weekend-long event where local developers and designers get together to build software for non-profit organizations—was held at CoWork Memphis in Cooper Young. This marks the event’s sixth year and the second year I’ve had the honor of participating as a volunteer. Seven non-profit’s, including Volunteer Odyssey, The Overton Park Conservancy, and […]


Plotting Data with R and rCharts

This semester, I’m taking a course that encourages using R for statistical analysis. I decided to see what I could do with it. To get started, I installed R using homebrew started looking in to what sort of packages I could find and stumbled across rCharts. rCharts “is an R package to create, customize and […]

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Using Shell Scripts to Back Up and Restore WordPress

Over the past couple of years, becoming comfortable with Linux has been one of the most valuable things I’ve done as a web developer and I’m always looking for ways to learn more. Diving in to shell scripting has been on the to-do list for a while now so here’s a case where I had […]

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Compass Sticky Footer Mixin

When you’re dealing with browsers and markup, content tends to float to the top of the window by default. In most cases there is enough content on the page to keep the footer at the bottom of the window but, if a page doesn’t occupy the full height of the window, the footer is going to float […]

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Talk: Open Source Software Development in Higher Education

Talk: I’ll be giving a talk about the role of open source development in higher ed institutions at the upcoming Tennessee Higher Education Information Technology Symposium in Chattanooga Tennessee. The talk will focus on the experience I had with the UTHSC-WPCAS plugin developed for UTHSC and encourage Higher-Ed tech professionals to consider open sourcing their […]

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Grunterie – Another Foundation Theme for WordPress

Foundation’s hot right now and I swear by it. Having used both Bootstrap and Foundation, I quickly decided that Foundation was the framework for me and I use it for everything. It’s really clean, easy to work with and I don’t have to fight with it to get what I want. I do a lot […]

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Debugging SASS with Chrome Dev Tools

Disclaimer, I got this to work but these are notes from my first attempt so some of this may be overkill. A lot of the information I found was over a year old so I’m probably using some work-arounds that are no longer necessary. I’ll be back to make corrections as needed. If you notice […]

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Dealing with the Dreaded ‘wpautop’

What is “wpautop”? Well, to put it simply, wpautop is short for ‘WordPress Auto P’- with p being in reference to an html p tag. wpautop is a wordpress function that “Changes double line-breaks in the text into HTML paragraphs (<p>…</p>).” You can read more about it in the WordPress codex. Most of the content […]