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Adding Projects to

How I added a custom post type to my site to showcase projects I’ve been a part of and how I was involved

Code Design Projects Web Development Wordpress


I’ve redesigned with the default WordPress TwentyTwenty theme.

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Talk: Command Line Crash Course

These are the slides and notes from my Command Line Crash Course talk presented at DevMemphis on March 3, 2020 This was the first DevMemphis meetup that was streamed live and recorded but, unfortunately, because of some issues with the recording, the audio was unusable. Outline This month we’ll be talking about leveling up your […]

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Talk: NPM, Yarn, Babel, Webpack – Why You Should Care

This content was written for the Memphis Web Workers User Group on April 10, 2018 The purpose of this talk is to convey how essential NPM, Yarn, Babel, and Webpack are to the JavaScript ecosystem; how lucky we are to have them given the scope of the problems they solve; and why JavaScript developers should […]

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GiveCamp Memphis 2018

This past weekend, Feb 23-25, the seventh annual GiveCamp Memphis event was held at the Fedex Institute of Technology on the University of Memphis Campus. “GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where technology professionals from designers, developers and database administrators to marketers and web strategists donate their time to provide solutions for non-profit organizations” A dozen […]

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Better JavaScript with ESlint, Airbnb, & Prettier

Add ESlint, Airbnb’s Style Guides, & Prettier to Create-React-App without Ejecting. Integrate ESlint with your editor.

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Py Tennessee 2017

This past weekend, I rode to Nashville with some friends from the Memphis user group community to attend Py Tennessee 2017. This was my first year attending the conference and I’d hardly call myself a Python developer but I had a great time, learned a lot from the talks, and met some really cool people […]

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Quick HTML Terminology Reference

It always helps to know what to call things. Someone asked a question about html terminology recently and I thought this might be useful to keep around… consider the following markup: <div class=”my-class” id=”my-id”></div>div is an element with two attributes (class and id) which you can use as selectors, in addition to the element tag (div), to target the element. Targeting elements […]


Refactoring PHP for loops with array_map()

Consider the following block of code: You have an array that you need to change in some way so you loop through the array, using a for-loop, alter each item, and push it in to a new array, using array_push() or my_array[] = $value, which you then return or assign to a variable. This is not uncommon; I […]

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Talk: Accessibility 101 – The Technical Stuff

Here are the slides for a talk on A11Y at Memphis Tech Talks hosted by FIT & MTF on June 16, 2016. I’ve gotten to focus on A11Y a good bit as part of a redesign and, though I’m no expert, I thought I’d have some valuable info to share.