Bali 2013 Day 4

Bali 2013: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

While we were eating breakfast, I recognized a man carving one of the bridges at the resort as a vendor I had bought some statues from. I went out to thank him and snapped a few pictures of him at work. After breakfast, Ken, Sophie, Tyler and I wandered down the beach to swim in to pools at other resorts. We were kicked out a couple of times but ended up at the Laguna where we ate lunch, swam and got massages at the outdoor spa.

Ken checked us out of the hotel and we were back out in the wild Balinese traffic. On the way to the airport we got in a wreck when a minivan slammed in to the side of the car. Ken just kept driving and we all laughed at both parties’ lack of concern over the whole incident. There was some damage to the car but Ken made a deal with the guy who loaned it to us and avoided a potentially difficult situation. We trudged through what seemed like 10 checkpoints in the airport and got on a plane back to Singapore. Before we boarded, I saw a stray cat running around in the terminal.

Bali is amazing and I couldn’t think of a better way to experience my first trip out of the country than traveling there with some of my favorite people.