Bali 2013 Day 3

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After getting about 3 hours of sleep, we left our hotel at 2am to head to Mount Batur. It was about a 2hr drive and when we arrived everyone was practically asleep but we proceeded to climb the the steep volcano. It was cold but we were all sweating by the time we reach the top. We watched the sunrise from the crater and our guides steamed eggs and fruit in the steam from the volcano. On the way down we encountered a group of monkeys who seemed accustomed to receiving food from tourists. The scenery was amazing.

We descended the mountain and our driver took us to a nearby Coffee Plantation where were able to tour the plantation and see the roasting and grinding process first hand. We sampled tea, coffee and chocolate that were made there and bought coffee, tea, spices, tobacco and chocolate from the outdoor shop. None of us were interested in the Luwak coffee though.

We went to eat at an outdoor Indonesian restaurant with an open view of rice fields. After lunch we stopped at some different rice paddies and were met by two women selling Sarongs. I bought one from one of the women which upset her friend. Before we left, I bought a sarong from the second woman for about 5 dollars after being berated in Indonesian.

We spent the rest of the day at the resort and I finally found some cool Bali shirts at a Billabong in Nusa Dua near our resort. Go figure.