Talk: Frontend asset management in Laravel

Memphis PHP – Wednesday May 17, 2016 Vaco Midsouth Summary: Laravel ships with elixir, a gulp plugin with a clean syntax for building out your frontend assets. While elixir is great in a lot of cases, it comes with some limitations on projects with more complex frontend build requirements. I’ll talk about why elixir is… Continue Reading

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Talk: Demystifying WordPress Plugins

This post was written to accompany a talk about WordPress plugins at the WordPress Memphis User Group, which meets on the first Thursday of every month. What are plugins Chances are, if you’ve been using WordPress, you’re aready familiar with plugins but, if you aren’t entirely sure what they are, how they work, or even… Continue Reading

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Plotting Data with R and rCharts

This semester, I’m taking a course that encourages using R for statistical analysis. I decided to see what I could do with it. To get started, I installed R using homebrew started looking in to what sort of packages I could find and stumbled across rCharts. rCharts “is an R package to create, customize and… Continue Reading


Beale Street Music Fest 2015

Beale Street Music Fest 2015:Ryan AdamsThe Flaming LipsDead SoldiersBand of HorsesThe Avett Brothers Ryan Adams Friday, May 1, 2015Beale Street Music Festival The Flaming Lips Friday, May 1, 2015Beale Street Music Festival Dead Soldiers Saturday, May 2, 2015Beale Street Music Festival Band of Horses Saturday, May 2, 2015Beale Street Music Festival The Avett Brothers Saturday,… Continue Reading